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Hi guys! So I recently discovered a new health/wellness website called The Thirty and wanted to introduce you to the new kid on the block. As many of you know, I don’t exactly live the healthiest lifestyle in the world. I’ll be the first one to admit my diet consists primarily of iced coffee, gas station snacks, In-N-Out and ham and cheese Lunchables. What many of you don’t know is I’m trying to change my wicked ways. Now to clarify, when I say I want to start living a healthier lifestyle I don’t mean overanalyze my food choices, cut out all the things I love and work out like a crazy person.. because 1. I straight up don’t have that kind of self control. 2. that doesn’t sound like living. Can I get an amen? 🙏 If you just said amen, and you did right, you’re going to love The Thirty.

The Thirty is a health and wellness website made for *real* people like us. They aren’t about crazy diets or ways to drop a ton of weight over night, they’re about attainable mental and physical well-being. They have everything from bomb workout playlists to natural cures for hangovers. See! I told you. Health and wellness reads that are actually relatable.

Still curious? I broke it down for you below.


The Thirty is an extension of Byrdie and the newest addition to the Who What Wear family! (So you know it’s good!) The website got it’s name from the idea that it takes twenty-one days to form a habit and thirty to build a lifestyle.


A place where people can learn about food, fitness, mindfulness, self-care, health, and everything in between. The Thirty is a self-proclaimed, “community for anyone seeking a no-nonsense approach to healthy living.” No judgers allowed!


Right now. When I think of the gym I think of THIS and THIS so clearly it’s about time someone made a good resource to rewire how we think about wellness.


At home, at your friend’s house, on your commute, shit.. even at work. (I won’t tell!)


Because apparently there are a lot of people like me who struggle to find ways to make mental and physical wellbeing part of their daily routine. It’s frequently expensive, exhausting and time consuming.

Check out the site and let me know what you think!!

x Claudia


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