The Procrastinator’s Guide To Holiday Gifting


Whether you’re a hopeless procrastinator or just looking to spend all of your newly acquired holiday cash, I’ve got you covered. From furry face masks to cool coasters, these glam gifts are sure to please even the pickiest of people on your list.

Now, I’m not here to judge. Full disclosure—not only did I procrastinate on my gift buying, but I also procrastinated on writing the blog post about procrastinating on my gift buying. (See how quickly things just escalated?) I found these amazing head phones, coasters, mini tray, water bottle, and passport cover ALL from Shopbop. (Shop their amazing selection of home goods/gifts here!)

If you’re anything like me, or maybe just wanna do a little extra shopping, check out some of my favorite last minute gift ideas. After all, with gifts this good they won’t even mind the delay.

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Headphones // Coasters // Water Bottle // Ring // Tray // Sunglasses // Keychain // Passport Cover // Eye Mask // Hat // Moscow Mule Mugs

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