Jumpsuited For The Weekend








Photography by Lauren Alexandra

Jumpsuit: Tea & Cup (similar here and here) // Necklace: The 2 Bandits // Clutch: Nordstrom (Old, similar here and here) // Sunglasses: Nasty Gal (similar here)

When it comes to weekend wear the sky’s the limit. Will I show up in pajamas? Will I be wearing a bra? No body knows. (I like to keep people on their toes.) Rompers and jumpsuits are the perfect way to look cute without sacrificing comfort. Let’s be real, you probably spend all week rushing around and trying to look presentable, you shouldn’t have to spend your precious free time agonizing over what to wear.. am I right?

My roommate, Ann, is the unofficial official queen of looking effortlessly good. She operates under the theory that looking like you tried is the anti-cool and somehow always manages to strike the perfect balance between giving a fuck and not giving a fuck. I don’t know anyone else who can pull off looking effortless while also wearing $2,000 Balenciaga boots. (Personally, I either spend 2.5 hours getting ready or haven’t washed my hair in 4 days.) In the spirit of embracing moderation and looking more effortless, I have been trying to channel her, “underdressed is the new overdressed” mentality. This is where the jumpsuit comes in. The romper’s more mature older sibling easily transitions from day to night, requires NO ironing/steaming, and if you choose a wide leg variety like this one, allows for some platform shoe action. So next weekend when you’re trying to find the sweet spot between looking good and not looking like you tried too hard, reach for the jumpsuit.


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